4-hour Semi-Private Intro Course (3 hours water time, 1 hour video)


In our semi private lessons, pairs go out on a boat with 1 instructor and 1 kite. This option is great for people who would like to experience kiteboarding together and also people who are eager to not only experience hands on kiteboarding but also have the opportunity to learn while watching someone else develop the same skills they are working on.

This course includes 2 persons and is done in 2 parts.

The first part is a one hour introductory video that covers all necessary theoretical knowledge for safe independent kiteboarding. In order to enhance your first water experience, we provide this video to you ahead of time to watch as many times as you want to feel confident in the skills that you will work on in the next part of the lesson.

The remaining 3 hours of your lesson will be done on the water with one of our experienced instructors in the beautiful Howe Sound. This section is hands on and fast paced to get you on the water and possibly riding faster than you have ever imagined.

Conditions of the course:
– Participants must be from 18 to 60 years of Age.
– Participants must be from 100 lbs to 260 lbs.
– Price does not include the wetsuit rental.

Only for those who never kitesurf before


This lesson includes 1 hour of instructional video that goes over all the necessary land and safety theory and 3 hours on the water as a pair.